Weird Indiana State Fair Foods
Created by on 7/25/2012 12:41:50 PM



A tasting panel has named spaghetti and meatballs ice cream as the signature food of the Indiana State Fair.

The dish, produced by Monroe Concessions, outcompeted such contenders as micro beer cheese sauce from Barto’s Catering and Hoosier caramel corn sundae from Baskin-Robbins to take the honor for this year’s fair, which runs Aug. 3-19.

The creation, which contains no actual meat, is made with gelato noodles, strawberry tomato sauce, shredded white chocolate cheese and chocolate meatballs.

As always, longtime concessionaires Dennis and Cheryl Reas are bringing new concoctions to the fair.  

One is a raspberry doughnut chicken burger — a deep-fried chicken breast sandwiched between two raspberry-jelly-filled doughnuts.

The other?

A bacon peanut butter banana burger.

“We kind of call it ‘the Elvis,’ ” Reas said.